Jeff Quesenberry 's Boyington Corsair Project

The F4U is all finished. Required 21 pounds of nose weight with a final of 89 pounds finished weight. Here are shots of the plane all assembled, and one of me in there. The maiden flight is slated for the 4th of July weekend. Been a long 9 months, but was fun, and we hope it works out.

Jeff will detail it out and add graphics after it is flight proven.

Any way you look at it you can tell it's big, very big !

Jeff and crew prepare for the first flight.

She is up and flying!

After a go around Jeff puts the flaps down and sets up for landing.

Jeff sets her down nice and easy.

Video of the first flight here

Jeff's Corsair Update

Pictures and video by Ray Lins

Wearing final uniform, Jeff's 90lb Corsair sits on the runway ready to go.

Looking good in it's new Stars and Bars.

The Husqvarna 240 twin looks good in that massive cowl

Take off

Wheels and flaps down fly by.

Coming home


Jeff and friend roll her back


Now see the video of Jeff's certification flight

Video Link 1 provided by Jason at

Video Link 2 provided by James Temple and the Michianaskyraiders

Jeff's Corsair final Stats

152 inch span, 90 pounds, flaps, Husqvarna 240 twin for power, Menz 32-12 prop, Sierra retracts, cowl by Bob Sealy, canopy from Matt Miller, main wheels from the gentleman in Canada building the 19 foot P-38, retractable tailwheel made by Jim Greenly, Rosemount, MN, home made cockpit, pilot from Pete's pilots, all built up, glassed with .75 oz. cloth applied with Envirotex, painted with house latex and Krylon. Vinyl graphics from Godfrey signs of Farminton, MN. 12 servos, dual PCM receivers with dual i4c isolators, Four (4) 6 volt, 1900 mah battery pack driving the servos, and two (2) 4.8 volt, 1400 mah battery pack running the receivers. 37 feet of wiring, 14 bottles of thin, and 6 bottles of medium CA from Balsa USA. One bottle of Elmers exterior wood glue, and one package of 12 oz. bottle T-88 structural epoxy glue. All wood from Lone Star balsa of Texas. Certified by David P. Anderson....Thx Dave!


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