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Mike Pirkl shows us his Stuka built from Ziroli plans, fiberglass covered with 101" wingspan and weighing 26lbs. Powered by a Zenoah G-62, and painted with WarbirdColors The markings were done with stencils from Getstencils.
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Mathieu from Belgium Europe with his Ziroli Stuka. Mathieu says, "I'm a dailly vistor of your site. I'm also making giant scale warbirds. I have made a Wildcat from enlarged RCM Plans at 97". Last year I've made a Ziroli Stuka from 100". Power is a ZDZ 60, a real good engine. The plane flies like a pic-nic table :-)"
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Hisham BuJawdeh (with friend Dr. Pierre Borgi ) from Brommana, Beirut, Lebanon shows us his Ziroli stuka powered by G62, totally scratch built, execept for cowl and canopy from Ziroli. Wingspan is 100" and overall weight is 13kg. The paint is Latex paint . Picture taken at our field in Amaz Lebanon.
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Forest Morris with his Ziroli Stuka. It has a G62 turning a flying 3-blade 22-10 scale prop from PK Props. The model weighs 32lbs and is fiberglassed and then painted with latex paint. The gear was custom made by Century Jet and Forest say's "it flies great".
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Frank Wicher from Pennsylvania shows us a fine Ziroli Stuka. It weights 24 pounds and features operational flaps and bomb drop. It's covered in fiber glass and krylon paint and is powered with a G - 62.
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Jeff Whitford from Alpharetta, GA poses by his Ju-87B-2 Stuka built from Ziroli plans and powered by a 3W60 engine. It has a 100" wingspan and weights 32 lbs. Smoke system and siren liven up the flight line.
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Evan Quiros from Laredo Texas shows us his fine looking Ziroli Stuka. Evan used a Russian front paint scheme on this dive bomber and a G-62 for power. 101" wingspan, 28lbs, 37mm cannons and a Futaba radio finish it up nicely.
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Zach Spychalla from Watertown, WI poses with his colorful Stuka. Zach used Ziroli Plans but modified them with a NACA 2417 Airfoil and a 3 pc. wing. Fiberglass covered with 101" wingspan and weighing 27lbs. Zach used Latex paint for final finish and a Zenoah G-62 gets her airborne. 15 year old Zach flew it to 19th place in Expert Class at the 2001 NATS. Good enough to beat his father by one place.
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Patrick McLaughlin with his Ziroli Stuka. This dive bomber/fighter has a 101” wingspan, sliding canopy, lights, 4 bomb drops. With an all up weight of 27lbs a Brison 4.2 flies it very well. (click on picture to see more)
Merlyn Graves from Coldstream Ill.proudly shows off his Ziroli Stuka. Wood construction with fiberglass finishing put it at 32 lbs with a 101" wingspan. A G-62 provides the thrust. (Click on picture to see more)
Vince Maryanski from Naperville Ill. poses with his Ziroli Stuka. Vince used balsa construction and glass cloth and came out at 33lbs. This 101" wingspan Stuka is powered with a 4.2 American 70.
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Nick Capone's Stuka is three year's old, built from Ziroli plans, 101" wingspan, 29 lbs., Zenoah G-62 w/ Reithmuth Ignition, covered with .75 oz. cloth and West Systems resin and finished with automotive enamel basecoats. Features include functional trapeze bomb drop, flap light, dive brakes, servo activated air siren, full riveting, panel lines, weathering and cockpit detailing. "Best Military" 2001' Festival of Giants, Deland Fla. (Click on picture to see more)
Howard Cahr's German Stuka dive bomber. This great flying plane has a G62 up front and a servo activated siren to warn the other fliers of an impending bomb run.
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Bob's Ziroli Stuka features all wood construction. This dive bomber features a wingspan 100 inches and is powered by a Brison 3.2 Photo by Jim Patrick
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Laurence Tzigersizoglou's of Athens, Greece shows off his beautifull scaled down Stuka from Ziroli plans. The plane is 1/7th scale and altered to the G2 version. It has 2m wingspan, and weights 8.5Kg. Everything is made from scratch (pants, cowl, canopy). Engine is MVVS 35cc and has flaps, sliding canopy, removable cannons. The specific airplane was flown by Oberst Hans Urlich Rudel.
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Randy Boyne 's Ziroli Stuka was painted with Warbird Colors paint & GET stencils for markings. It is powered by a G62 w/ CH-ignition and weighs in at 28lbs. It also have a 3 piece wing for easier transportation.
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