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Roy Maynard with his impressive ME-163. 82 inch wingspan, Saitta fuse, foam wings, AXI 4130/16 electric motor upfront with an ESTES E9P rocket motor in the back. The rocket motor is activated by a 9 volt transistor battery onboard the model by a micro-switch. Dolly free falls off during takeoff. "Flies great, very easy to slow down and land." (Click on picture to see larger image)
Jim Marshall from Mission, Tx with his Heinkel He-219 Uhu night fighter built from his own plans. Wingspan: 120", length: 102", 32 lbs. Built up Balsa & Ply with foam-core wings. Finish: .75 oz glass and epoxy resin, PPG Omni paints. Power: 2 X G-38 Zenoahs, w / B&B Muffs. Gear: Robart. Special Features: Flaps, Retracts, Plug-in Wings. "A very docile, graceful, & magestic flyer." (click on picture to see larger image)
Beni Lörtscher from Wettswil, Switzerland shows his unusual Me 163 B Komets (other one shown on linked page) One kit is from topp-rippin and the other one from wega-sunshine. Wingspan is 1,4m and 1,55m. They both are powered by a rossi 35r60 2.8 bhp engine. The smaller one only weighs 2,8 kg's and has got 4kg's thrust, it can be handlaunched and reaches speeds of 300km/h, vertical climb rate is outstanding, roll rate more than 400 degrees per second. (click on picture to see larger image)
Alan Sanders from Sandy Utah shows off his unusual Focke Wulf Ta-154 Moskito built from RCM plans. It has 2 OS .52 4 strokes and Spring air retracts and 4 section flaps. Alan says, "It flies real nice and the sound of those 4 strokes humming together gives me goose bumps" (click on picture to see larger image)
Rob Bailey from Oak Ridge, N.J. shows us a great view of his ME 262 German secret weapon. Rob says, "105", 2 x OS 91's, built by Joe Saitta of Seminole Fla. Plane flies like it's on rails...and sounds great too...ya don't see the props when she's in the air! (click on picture to see more)
John Niezelski from St James City Fl poses with this great looking ME-163 Comet. It was built using a glass fuselage from Joe Saitta of Seminole F. and John scratch built the wings from Jim Kiehl plans. 102" wingspan with an all up weight of 17 lbs and powered by a Moki 1.8.(click on the picture for a larger image)
Carl Springer from Milwaukee Wisconsin designed and scratch built this unusual Grumman Skyrocket. Carl used balsa and ply covered with fiberglass for construction. This rare fighter weighs 21 lbs and has an 84" wingspan. Other accessories include flaps, retracts, and lights. Two St 90's make this rocket go.(Click on picture to see more)
Charley Moyer from Cedar Rapids Iowa shows his Heinkel He 51 german fighter. Model is scratch built featuring an 82" wingspan, 16lbs and an OS 108 for power. This warbird has detailed cockpit, flaps and drop tank. (Click on picture to see larger image)

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