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Jim Repp with his Meister ME 109." I purchased the airframe from Chuck Hamilton and reworked it. Changed the paint scheme and put a larger engine in it. Very powerful and good flying plane. Plan to redo the spinner and prop this winter to a 24" - 3 blade prop. 34 lbs, 102" ws. Painted with latex, Model Master paints First Place Engines 5.8, 24 x 12 Mejlik prop." (Click on picture to see more.)
Jeff Whitford Alpharetta, GA PCM Models 1:4 scale Me109G-6, 100" wingspan, foam core, fiberglass fuselage 40 lbs. 3W-75 for power. (Click on picture to see more.)
Evan Quiros from Laredo,Texas with his PCM models ME-109. Its modeled after a G-6 flown by Erich Hartmann of JG 52. Wingspan 101", weight 40 lbs. The engine is a 3W75 twin spark turning a 24/12 3W prop. Radio is futaba with 9206's on all flight surfaces and a futaba gyro on the rudder. Gear is by Sierra Precision and the wheels are from Glennis. It won "Best Military Post 1935" on its first showing at Bomber Field in Sept of 2003. Go to our projects page to see a complete construction feature. (Click on picture to see more. .)
Bob Neider of Metairie, La. with his new American Eagle BF109G. It has a 99in wing and is epoxyglass and foam construction. Glassed with West epoxy and .75oz cloth, PPG base/satin clear. Lykes electric retracts, custom machined spinner backplate by Darryl Tenny, graphics by Bill Fulmer. Engine is a ZDZ80 cc inline twin turning a Bolly 21x13 3 blade prop, and weighs in at 27lbs. Hitec servos and Futaba PCM Rx. account for the radio. Built by Lenny Smith. (Click on picture to see more )
Lenny Smith from Kenner, La scratch built this great looking Bf109. Lenny says "started with Meister plans,did some reshaping and got a foam wing cut. G62 engine, CJ retracts,and Futaba radio. 102in wing and 87in long . 27 pounds all up and flies great, takeoff roll is about 15ft". (Click on picture to see more.)
Phil Schwartz from Weseca Minn. poses with this beautiful ME-109. Phil built this axis fighter from Meister plans. An 87" wingspan supports 25lbs nicely while a Sach's 4.2 gives it plenty of go. Phil says this bird is pure fun and while watching him fly it we can agree. (Click on picture to see more.)
Tom Lazar from Marshall Wisconsin holds this great looking ME 109. Scratch built with a Super Tigre 90 and Springair retracts. (Click on picture to see more)
Lynsel's ME-109 looks mean and nasty and ready for action. This German fighter features an 80" wingspan and weighs just 24lbs. A Brison 2.4 ci power plant gives this 109 power to spare. Photo by Jim Patrick (click on picture for more)

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