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Forest Morris from Jasper, GA with his FW 190 built from a Jack Devine kit, with a Fuji 50 for power, 23lbs, glass and epoxy finish with latex paint, Robart retracts. "Has over 100 flights and is great fun to fly" (Forest son Harrison Morris is shown with the FW 190.) (Click on picture for larger image)
Roger Sailors FW is built from Platt plans and uses glass cowl, gun hood, and canopy from the Holman glass/foam kit by Don Lein. It is powered by a Poulan 46 chain saw engine on CH ignition. Retracts are Spring Air, and the retracting tail wheel is a home made unit. Finish is Model Masters Enamel. Weight is just over 22 pounds. The picture was taken at the Flying C's warbird meet. This is near Opelika Alabama. Great meet. (Click on picture for larger image)
Laurence Tzigersizoglou from Athens Greece shows his Focke Wulf built from Vailly plans scaled to 1/5. 7 ft wingspan powered by a ZG45. The fan behind the prop is formed from a mini cooper cooling fan. Sliding canopy, detailed cockpit, and pilot step. Retracts designed by Laurence. (Click on picture for larger image)
Paul Costa from North Attleboro, MA with his Focke Wulf FW-190A3, “Black 13” from an Airworld kit. 1/4 scale, 102” wingspan, 88” length, 38 lbs, Desert Aircraft DA-100 twin, Sierra Precision custom retracts, Dynamic Balsa cockpit, Hitec digital servos, flaps, drop tank, navigation lights, air-actuated canopy and crew entry ladder, and a 28x10 Mejzlik prop. (Click on picture for larger image)
Carl Brown from Monroe, La. with his American Eagle FW190A. It has a G62, Sierra Precision retracts, and Futaba radio gear. It is glass and foam construction, finish is automotive base/clear. (Click on picture for larger image)
Jeff Quesenberry from Apple Valley Minnesota displays his 110 inch FW190A5 from enlarged Vaillancort plans. Weight is 50 pounds, 3W120 for power, Sierra retracts, painted with Model Master paint and cleared with Krylon satin clear finish. This is the scheme of Heinz Baar. (Click on picture for larger image).
Carey Hook form Swartz Creek, MI shows his Meister Scale FW 190. Powered by an FPE 4.2 using a Zinger 24 x 10 prop. Navigation lights and opening gun hood, Hitec 615mg servos, JR 955 rx, Sierra tail wheel retract and CJM/Sierra mains, 102.5 wingspan, 35lbs, covered in 3/4 oz. fiberglass and painted with Behr latex. Highly modified with scale control surfaces including flaps, panel lines, rivets, full cockpit and pilot. (click on picture for larger image)
Dave West with his Airworld FW 190 Kit out of Germany.
Power is a 3W 120. Weighs in at 49lbs. Has retracts, flaps, tank drop, air actuated canopy and crew entry ladder, full nav. lights, as well as strobes on all guns and an on-board machine gun sound system that can be heard in flight at full power.
(click on picture for larger image)
Lenny Smith from Kenner, La with his Meister FW190D9. Scratch built, all parts cut by Lenny. 101in wingspan, 96in long, Zenoah GT80 twin with CH Ignition conversion. Wing is thickened for better wheel clearance. Shindin Machine Retracts and graphics by Bill Fulmer. Glassed with .75oz cloth and West Epoxy. Finish is PPG base colors and PPG Flexed and Flat clear. Futaba and Hitec servos with Futaba PCM Rx (click on picture for larger image)
Lenny Smith from Kenner, La with his Jack Devine FW190A. G38 engine, 82in wingspan, all foam construction, glassed with .75oz cloth and West epoxy. Finish is PPG base/satin clear. Weight is 21lb RTF, grafix by Bill Fulmer, scale spinner and retracts by Gene Barton. Lenny say's "The 38 is plenty even for some cutting up, a very easy flier." (click on picture for larger image)
Rick Broussard from Lafayette Louisiana shows us his new Mackay FW190 done by Dave Schwantz. Wing span: 104 inch, length: 90 inch, flying weight: 33 lbs, motor: RCS 215 Radial from 8.5-14 hp. All digital servos, functional canopy, detailed cockpit custom and retract gear from Sierra Precision ( Darrel Tenney). (click on picture to see more)
Lenny Smith from Kenner, La with his American Eagle FW190-A. Epoxyglass fuse and foam wing and stab.. Wing is 89in., weight is 25lbs, glassed with West Systems epoxy and .75 oz cloth. Twin batteries and switches, custom graphics by Bill Fulmer, PPG base/clear, modified Gene Barton retracts. Engine is a 3W70 twin with a Mejzlik 22x12 prop. (click on picture for larger image)
Mark Taylor from Ames Iowa shows us his new Meister Fw-190F-8. Finish is Sig Koverall, butyrate dope and latex paint, nice custom vinyl graphics by First Class Signs also from Ames, IA. Power plant is a BME 61 twin cylinder. Radio is JR 8103 with 9 servos ( 2 flaps, 2 ailerons, 2 elevators, rudder, throttle, Century Jet air retracts) Flying weight is 32 lbs, including 48 OZ of lead in the nose. (click on picture to see more)
Rob Bailey from Oak Ridge, New Jersey with his FW Ta-152 H converted from Meister Scale FW-190D9 plans by Ty Brown of Kanappolis, S.C. Balsa, ply construction with fiberglass finish. 140" wingspan, 34 1/4lbs. with Century Jet retracts and a JR XP8103. A Quadra 75 XL makes it all happen. (click on picture to see more)
Berry from Australia shows us one very large Focke Wulf Ta 152H slope soarer. This bird has a wingspan of 12 feet and weighs 15 Kilo. Fuse and wings are hotwired and glassed with 4 ounce cloth. Q cell filled and sanded. Berry said it flies great and someday he might stick a Zenoah G-62 in the nose. (click on picture to see more)
Bob Tomasulo from Palantine Ill. shows us his great looking Vailly Aviation FW-190, version F8. Bob used a Vailly glass fuse and a Precision cut wood kit for the rest. She came in at 38lbs and carries a Latex paint job while a Zenoah GT74 powers her nicely. Bob's beauty features Vailly retracts, Vailly custom front spinner fan, and a Sliding air operated canopy/cockpit (Dynamic Balsa). Bob says she Flies like a trainer and lands gently at 15 degree flap. (Click on picture to see more)
Jim Repp of Canton Mi. with his Fockwolf built by Carey Hook from the popular Jim Meister plans. With a wingspan of 100" and a Quadra 35 for power this 32lbs axis fighter gives a very real impression in the air while chasing P-47s. (Click on picture to see more)
Luis Perez Latorre's FW-190 is from an Airworld kit and has a 102" wingspan, weights in at 34.5 lbs. It is powered by aMoki 90 cc Boxer engine. Painting was done by Antonio Cantero. The full size plane by HPTM FRITZ LOSIGKEIT of LUFTWAFFE 9. / JG. 52. He racked up 68 Victories.
(Click on picture to see more)

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