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Randy Teague from Hobbs New Mexico with his P51. This rcwarbird features a G62 engine, 84.5 wingspan and futaba electronics. (Click on picture to see more.)
Rich Cronk with his Fiber Classics kit "Old Crow" . 101" wingspan (1 to 4.4 scale), Sierra retracts, JR radio, weighs 37 lbs dry Powered by a new 3W75 with a straight pipe, swinging a Mejlik 24 X 10 two-blade prop, it is possibly the fastest (and loudest) P-51 I've ever seen. Rich says the only trim needed was two clicks of down elevator and despite it's speed is a really stable airplane, even at low speeds. (Click on picture to see more.)
Todd Morris shows us his mustang built from a topflite kit, It is powered by a sachs 52cc, using a 22/10 prop. Custom design retracts and a retractable tail wheel, covered in aircraft tape with each panel as the full size one, epoxy paint for the finish. The cockpit is fully detailed with a full bodied pilot and the aircraft weighs in at 28lbs. (Click on picture to see more.)
Gary Webb with hiw fiberclassic's Mustang. features a power sliding canopy, full cockpit, flaps, nav lights, landing light, dropping external fuel tanks, rear radiator door open and closes with engine RPM, latex paint, cleared with water based polycrylic. Powered with a First Place 5.8, Futaba 9ZAPW2. Plane's colors are of the only known ACE of the Tuskegee Airmen, Lt Lee A. Buddy Archer. "Ina the Macon Belle". She was Lee's sweet heart that he later married after WWII. (Click on picture to see more.)
Jason Boudreaux from Franklin La with his Byron Orginals P-51. Jason uses a Q-42 with Byro-drive, Futaba 9CAPS with two 2200 mah. 6V SR Batts. This P-51 has a one piece 85" with Byron gear and comes in at 27 lbs. Jason says "Plane is a very good flyer, Its a real BLAST ! No bad habits taking off, flying, or landing." (Click on picture to see more.)
Forest Morris from Jasper, Georgia with his Top Flite 1/5 Mustang. Fuji 50 for power. Forest modified the plane to have a three piece wing. "I love to be able to transport it sitting on the gear. It is a bit heavy at 28 lbs owing to the mods, a full body pilot and some heavy handed building on my part. Even at that weight it flys great, lands gently and is a all around good flyer." (Click on picture to see more.)
George Cofields Aerotech P-51, (left) Powered by a Moki 2.10 and weighs about 26 pounds. All carbon fiber covered with flight metal. Radio is JR , with all digital servos. George passed away on the morning of the Dolls first flight. "He left the Doll in my care, but it will always be Georges and I'll always be his pilot and friend." Mike Sheryak, Las Vegas NV. (Click on picture to see more.)
Vince Stanton from Smackover AR shows us his Byron mustang. The plane weighs in at around 24lbs and has the plug-in wing. The power package is the Q-42 with the gear-reduction. (Click on picture to see more.)
Randy Cady from Cedar Rapids Iowa with his 1/7 scale Top Flite P-51 B. Rebuilt from crashed plane that was given to Randy by another club member. This resurected rcwarbird weighs 10 lbs. and has a 65" wingspan. Power is by Magnum 91 four cycle. Homemade retract struts. (Click on picture to see more.)
Ron Gregorsok from Loveland, OH shows us his Byron Mustang. The plane has the Byron Q42 reduction drive and Ron added numerous scale details like nav lights, landing light, pitot tube, etc. to bring it up to spec. The flight surfaces are all glassed with panel lines and it is painted with Behr latex from Home Depot. Graphics are vinyl by Cajun RC. (Click on picture to see more.)
Craig Baker from Augusta, Georgia poses with his Jack Devine models p51 Mustang. Craig has zdz 40 for power and shindin machine retracts and 22 lbs total weight. Flight video on Craigs great video site here. (Click on picture to see more.)
Stephan frappier from Boucherville Canada shows his Mustang built from a Pica kit. 75" span, weighs 15 pounds, S.T 2500 engine with 18x8prop. Spring Air gears and J.R radio. Covered with Dan Parson's cloth and painted with Perfect paint from Chevron. Stephan says, "Excellent flyer very stable and lands slowly with full flaps." (Click on picture to see more.)
Marcello & Romeo Platì from Italy, with their modified Nosen P51 kit. Pneumatic retracts, proportional flaps and landing light, covered panel-by-panel with Oracover metal chrome. Robart retracts, sequence valves by Sierra Precision. Wingspan102", 32 lbs. Moki M360 inline twin 60cc, Mentz 22x10 prop. Radio AirFly system, dual 5 cells battery, electronic switch. (Click on picture to see more)
Kirk A. Sonnier from Seattle, WA with his modified Top Flite P-51D arf. Kirk converted it to the "B" model, glassed it with 3/4 oz cloth and West Marine epoxy resin, covered it panel-by-panel with Flite Metal, painted it with Model Masters paints, detailed and weathered it, and clear coated it with Lusterkote flat clear. Robart retracts and a Zenoah G-62 for motivation. The final weight came out to 19 pounds. (Click on picture to see more)
Bob Neider of Metairie, La. with his new American Eagle P51B. It is a converted D model with a 102in wingspan. Retracts are from Sierra Precision with Robart aluminum wheels. Engine is a ZDZ80cc inline twin swinging a Bolly 22x12 prop. Dual Rx batteries and switches, PPg base/clear, graphics by Bill Fulmer, done in the Princess Elizabeth scheme. Built by Lenny Smith. (Click on picture to see more)
Lenny Smith Jr. from Kenner, La with another Lenny Smith senior built American Eagle P51D. 102in wing, glass and foam const., 34lb., ZDZ80 inline twin. Has Robart retracts and wheels, dual batteries and switches, glassed with .75oz cloth and West epoxy. Finish is PPG base/clear with graphics by Bill Fulmer. A great flier and light on the sticks. . (click on picture to see more)
Greg Minden with his Giant Scale Planes P-51D. Span is 96" and it is powered with a 3W75i. It's incredibly smooth in the air and even though it's 29 1/2 lbs dry, it's a floater on landings. Eight flights so far (Click on picture to see more)
Gary Webb poses with his Nosen Mustang and Col. C.I. Williams (retired), one of the original Tuskegee Airmen. Gary's P-51 is highly modified Nosen Mustang. The model weighs 38#, 102" wingspan, Robart retracts with sequencing gear doors, using a UP2 control valve. It has a G62 engine converted to glow that turns a 22/12 prop at around 8,000 rpms. Automotive paints, full cockpit and pilot figure. Futaba radio. (Click on picture to see more)
Eduardo Azcarate shows us his P-51 Mustang "Big beautiful doll". It is a Ricardo Craim model fully scratch built with 97" wingspan, ZDZ 80 power with custom mufflers, weight is 25 lbs. The plane was finished with Skinni Dip aluminum and all the graphics were painted by hand. (Click on picture to see more)
Bruno with his Byron P51 "NOOKY BOOKY IV" G62 power, weight is 27 lbs. Full scratch built cockpit with a sliding canopy. The plane was finished with Skinni Dip aluminum and the the graphics were painted with enamel. Decals were home made on the computer including the kill marks. To finish, I spend about 3 days applying rivets on the wing, fin and stab. I use an EMS sequential unit for the gear/gear doors, and BVM cylinders in scale location. (Click on picture to see more)

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