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Larry McCormick shows us his Top Flite Giant Scale P47 Thunderbolt. It has a Zenoah G62 and Robart Retracts. "80 flights and still a joy to fly! Enjoy your website!". (Click on picture to see more)
WII P-47 pilot George Sutcliffe poses with Fred Menna's Byron P-47. 80 in. span, 28 lbs. Sachs 4.2. flaps, retracts, full cockpit, Shindin retracts fully glassed. "Plane is scaled after my good friend Lt. George Sutcliffe's own P 47 that he flew in WW II. This was immortalized in a painting titled "Against all Odds" where George was involved in a dogfight against 20 ME 109's. He managed to shoot down one during this battle for his life." (Click on picture to see more)
Sandro Marcorin from Italy shows us his Yellow P-47. Moter: DA 50 weight: 27 pound Bomb release (pneumatics) Fully detailed cockpit with sliding canopy Landing light (pneumatics) and navigations lights. (Click on picture to see more)
Derek Stone from Battle UK with his Byron P47. 28lb, LAZER 360V turning a 22x10 prop. It has panel lines and weathered to look mean and battle scared. Fully detailed, including working retractable landing light, nav lights, wing tanks ect. It has functional flaps and sequencing doors and retractable landing gear. (Click on picture to see more)
Richard Turton from Hastings U.K with his Yellow P47D. The wing span is 80", 26lb, Zanoah G45 turning a JFX 20X10 Prop. It has full panel lines and weathering. Fully detailed cockpit with sliding canopy, even icluding a 1944 map of Germany for the blue box pilot. It has functional flaps and sequencing doors. (Click on picture to see more.)
Peter-James Miller from Deland Fla. shows us his yellow P-47 based on Micheal Quirks P-47 who had 12 kills with 62 fs/ 56 fg. It is powered by a G45 has sierra precision retracts futaba radio gear and weighs 22 pounds. (Click on picture to see more.)
Bob Frey and Dave Gianakos pose with a new Yellow P-47D Rozzie Geth, flown by Fred Christensen in WWII. Bob did the construction work, and this plane includes: scale exhaust pipes, bomb/tank drop, working nav and retractable landing light, working scale flaps and Sierra Precision gear, and a fully detailed cockpit. It weighs 26 lbs., and is powered by a DA50 motor (Click on picture to see more.)
Mike Crosby from Gretna, Nebraska with his Vailley Aviation P47. Powered by a fox 4.2 it has Hank Likes, electric retracts, Robart mechanical tail retract, fiberglass fuselage, built up tail and wing. Four bladed prop is for static display. Weighs approx. 35lbs. Hitec radio with Futaba and Hitec servos. "Low fly-bys are a real rush." (Click on picture to see more.)
Joe Mazza from Inverness, FL with his Byron P-47, Sachs 4.2 , Century Jet Retracts. Weighs 28lbs, painted with Perfect Paint. Joe say's "It Flies Like a trainer" (Click on picture to see more.)

Jim Repp with his P-47 built from a Top Flite kit. 85" Weight is 27 lbs powered with a G 62. Robart retracts, Slimline muffler. Paint is "from a can" Formula U. (Click on picture to see more.)
Dave Gianakos (on the right) with his Aerotech P-47. 33 lbs, 4.2 Brison-Sachs gas motor, working cowl flaps and openable scratchbuilt gunbays on the left wing. Modeled after a plane flown by Russ Kyler (on the left), who flew with the famous 56th Fighter Group in WWII. The model has been retired from further flight, and will be going to a museum later this year, or early next. (Click on picture to see more.)

Cary Adams from Toronto Canada with his Yellow P47 Thunderbolt. The wing span is 80” and the weight is 22lbs. The engine in a Sachs 4.2 turning a 22 x 10 Zinger pro prop. It has full panel lines, weathering and rivets. The graphics are hand painted then clear coated. It has functional flaps, sequencing gear doors and fully detailed cockpit. (Click on picture to see more.)
Craig Knaack from Arlington Heights IL shows us his Byron P-47 Razorback. It weighs 23 lbs. and has a Quadra 50 with the Byron Purr-Power muffler and mount. The wing span is 80" and it is finished in Nelson Hobbies water based polyurethane paint and flat clear coat. It is equipped with retractable main and tail gear. The main inner gear doors are also operable. This rcwarbird is controlled by a JR 8103 with a PCM receiver.(Click on picture to see more.)
David Strassman from Los Angeles shows us his Yellow P-47D. David's rcwarbird comes in at 25lbs and flies with a G-62 for power. (click picture for larger image)
Paul Costa, North Attleboro MA with his Curtis P-47D Thunderbolt, "RAF New Zealand" scheme. Yellow Aircraft kit, 1/6 scale, 80” wingspan, 70” length, 22 lbs, Zenoah G-45, YA retracts, Just-thePits cockpit, Hitec digital servos, Aerotech scale details, flaps, dual drop tanks, air-actuated canopy, 21x10 Bolly prop. (click picture for larger image)
Dennis from Toronto Canada shows his Yellow Aircraft P-47. This warbird features an 80" wingspan and weighs 22Lbs. Powered by a Zenoah G62. Dennis is using a JR radio with Hitec servos for control. (click picture for larger image)
Frank Annett from Radcliff Iowa with his Top flite P-47D. This rcwarbird features a 65" wingspan, 12lbs, 56" length, Robart retracts and a Saito 91 for power. (click picture for larger image)
Carl Brown with his Ziroli P47. All scratch built with balsa and ply, designed with plug in outboard wing panels. Plane is powered by a G62 and has Robart retracts and Futaba radio gear. Finished with .75oz cloth, polyester resin and automotive base/clear. (click picture for larger image)
Dave Gianakos with his Aerotech P-47D depicting Col. David Schilling's "Hairless Joe". Finished in automotive paints, powered by a Brison-Sachs 4.2 motor at 33lbs. Is is fully detailed inside and out with items like: fully detailed "dummy" radial engine and cockpit, spring loaded boarding steps and retractable boarding handles, sliding canopy, droppable bombs and/or fuel tanks, and Robart retractable gear. (click picture for larger image)
Carey Hook from Swartz Creek MI shows us his Yellow Aircraft P-47. 80" span powered by a Zenoah G45, JR radio and Hitec servos. Painted up in the Hun Hunter XIV scheme with Krylon paint and clear coated with Lusterkote. (click picture for larger image)

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