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Joe Duffy from Iowa City Iowa shows us his CMP P-40. 73” wingspan, engine is a YS 120, retracts are from Sierra Giant Scale , JR radio and Hitec digital servo’s , custom spinner from Gene Barton. (click on picture to see more)
Forest Morris from Jasper Georgia with his Jack Devine P40E. Forrest say's "The kit built great and was really came out well. It has a G62 turning a Zinger 3-blade 20-10 prop, latex paint, and all markings were painted on. I incorporated Toni Clarke's carb bend to keep the carb inside the cowl and perserve the shark mouth." (click on picture to see more)
Bill Krummel, from Kenner, Louisiana shows his Ziroli P-40 with a 94" wingspan, weighing 34 pounds, and powered by a Quadra 75 on magneto. It has an operational drop tank and is equipped with Robart retracts and a Futaba 9Z for control. Paint is automotive basecoat/clearcoat. (click on picture to see more)
Mike Boliak, Staten Island NY with his Ziroli P-40 Sachs 4.2 engine w/ 3 blade Mejzlik 22X12 prop J-Tec 1/4 Scale working exhaust 94" Wingspan 36 pounds Fiber Glass fuse Built up wing and glassed Robart Retracts w/ Tuff Treads Rims and Tires Tail Retract. (click on picture to see more)
Paul Wilson, Sanford Florida poses with his Byron p-40. Paul's rcwarbird has a glass fuse and robart retracts and runs a sachs 4.2 pulling 29lbs. (click on picture to see more)
Wayne Moore from Monroe, La. with his Ziroli P40. It has a Q75M engine swinging a 21x13 3 blade Bolly prop and Robart retracts( main and tail). Featuring a glass fuse and a custom cut foam wing sheeted and glassed with .75oz cloth and polyester resin. Full cockpit and pilot with sliding canopy. Graphics are painted. Finish is automotive base/clear, radio is JR. (click on picture to see more)
Patrick McLaughlin with his Ziroli P-40. It features a Brison 4.2, Sliding canopy, scratch built cockpit, retracts custom made by Century Jet Models, and a tank/bomb drop. Patrick used Model Master oil based and Krylon for paint. Patrick says it weighs 31lbs and "flies better than most sport planes". (click on picture to see more)
Dave Feazell from Hudson Iowa displays a great looking AHS P-40 Warhawk. Dave uses a Walker Sachs 4.2 in this 96" wingspan, 30lb warbird. Construction includes a fiberglass fuse and foam wing. A functional scale exhaust makes it sound sweet. Dave says the plane is "rock steady and a floater" (click on picture to see more)
Tom Favorin from Quakertown, PA with his Ziroli P40. The P40 has a fiberglass fuse and a built up 94" wood wing and weighs in at 33 lbs. Robart retracts on the mains and tailwheel, powered by a J&A 4.2 cu. in. engine with a Bolly 21x13 3 bladed prop. (click on picture to see more)
Willis Lewis from New Castle, IN. shows off this fine P-40. Willis used Zirolli plans to construct this bird. He finished her up with fiberglass and auto paint. The P-40 tips the scales at 34lbs and has a 94" wingspan. A G-62 heads up the engine compartment. (click on picture to see more)
Jeff Quesenberry from Apple Valley Minn. and his enlarged Ziroli P-40. Jeff scratch built using wood and glass in the P-40's construction and painted her with Krylon paints. This big boy weighs 52lbs and has a 120" wingspan. A Husky 7.3 spins the prop. Other features are flaps and custom made retracts Great job Jeff! (Click on picture to see more.)
Don Bennish's P-40 is made Zirolli plans and runs a G62 for power. This immaculate P-40 looks as good in the air as it does on the turf. At 30lbs this warbird flies great. (click on picture to see more)
Steve Forest also from Sturgeon, Mo. shows off his Zirolli P-40. This warbird features a 94" wingspan and uses a Quadra 75 to propel it's 33lbs. Photo by Wendell Maakestad (click on picture to see more)
Rick Michelena again, this time with a P-40 Warhawk. This flying tiger was made from an American Eagle kit and uses a Quadra 75 to chase down it's prey. Photo by Wendell Maakestad (click on picture to see more)
Frank's P-40 is expertly crafted from Ziroli plans. This defender of China features a fiberglass fuse with a 94" wingspan. At 38lbs the 3W-80 inline twin really makes her haul. Photo by Jim Patrick (click on picture for more)

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