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Toon Stouthart from Netherland with his P-38 built from a 20 year old Marutaka kit. The span is 190 cm .and has two magnum .70 fourstroke motors. Toon says is flys perfect with one engine out using a gyro. (Click on picture for larger image)

Michael Brown shows us his Kondor Model Products ARF with Saito 65 4-strokes and Spring Air retracts. Mike say's "The P-38 weighs just over 13 pounds and flies awesome, I even had an engine go out and although theplane pulled up on the one side and wiggled a bit with my nervous use of rudder, it gust came in and landed." (Click on picture for larger image)

Mark Taylor of Ames, Iowa with his 126" CBA P-38. Putt Putt Maru. 53lbs. Counter-rotating DA-50's turning Zinger 22X10's. Custom air-up, spring-down gear by Gene Barton. Pneumatic Fowler flaps on separate air system. JR 8103 radio with twin PCM 649 receivers, eleven servos. Posed here after maiden flight with co-pilot and technical advisor Rich Cronk. (Click on picture for larger image)
Mike Kaas from LeClaire Iowa shows his 1/5 scale 114" Ziroli p-38 with fiberglass booms. Weight 40lbs, Zenoah g45 with C.H. ignition, Bolly 3 blade carbon fiber props, Robart retracts and a dynamic balsa cockpit.(Click on picture for larger image)
Dave Feazell with his Yellow Aircraft P-38. Dave used two ZDZ 40's to power this 32lb, 100" wingspan warbird. Yellow retracts were used and Dave say's this plane is all paint, no decals! (Click on picture for larger image)
Kevin Richards from North Attleboro, MA with his P-38J Lightning, “U.S. Bear Force” scheme Yellow Aircraft kit, 1/6 scale, 100” wingspan, 72” length, 30 lbs, Zenoah G-38’s, YA retracts, Just-the-Pits cockpit, Hitec digital servos, Futaba Gyros, flaps, dual drop tanks and 18x10 3-blade Bolly props. (Click on picture for larger image)
Larry Sigel shows his KMP P-38. Larry's warbird features an 83" wingspan at 13lbs and running twin Saito 72's for power. (Click on picture for larger image)
Rich Cronk from Ames Iowa with his KMP P-38. 83 inch wingspan, 16lbs and two OS 70 four cycle engines complete this good flying ARF. (Click on picture for larger image)
Rick Simmons from Council Bluffs Iowa with his Ziroli P-38. Rick's warbird has a 114" wingspan and weighs 46lbs. He uses Moki twins converted to gas for power. Robart gear and RC Cajun Graphics make it look great.(click on picture for larger image)
Frank Knoll Jr. shows his great looking P-38 at the Dayton D.O.G.S. event. Frank's P-38 is a Ziroli design and features two G-38's, Robart retracts, brakes, flaps and sequencing doors and was built by Byron Styker (next to Frank in picture).
(click on picture for larger image)
Henrik Hammer from Denmark shows us his Ziroli P-38. It is built from "The Aeroplane Works" kit and has Zenoah 38 engines with Bisson mufflers, Robart Retracts with an UP-3 valve for gear door control. It also has a Dynamic Balsa cockpit, Officer and Gentleman Pilot and a Futaba Radio. It is covered with Solartex and painted with Simprop Polyurethanlack. It weights 41 pounds and Henrik say's "it has been a pleasure to build it". (click on picture for larger image)
Evan Quiros with his Yellow aircraft P-38 at the Austin Tx warbird show. Features Yellow aircraft retracts, weighs 38 lbs and has two ZDZ 40's for power. The props are Menz ultra 19/12. It has 15 servos, 9 of which are Futaba 9206. It is also equipped with Glennis wheels and brakes and has a fully detailed cockpit.
(click on picture for larger image)
Greg Wright from Aurora, IL with his Yellow Aircraft P-38, it has 13 servos, 9 of which are Hi-tech and 4 J.R. servos. It weighs 35lbs and has 2 G-38's for power. Zinger 18x8 props and is covered with Black Baron Coverite Presto and Krylon paints. One Mini-Hobby brake valve, yellow gear, wheels and brakes. The cockpit was made by my friend Gary Dye, who is now manufacturing cockpits for all Yellow kits. (click on picture for more details)
George Lumpkins (Twinman) shows us his beautiful Yellow Aircraft P-38 finished as "Pappys Bir-Dee". Features gyros for the rudders and ailerons, retracts, pneumatic brakes, proportional brake control valve, three batteries, Mezjlik 23x14n props, 34# pounds weight, full scale decals and automotive two part paint. The engines are ZDZ 80 cc with J&A mufflers. (click on picture for more details)
Mike Morgan of Vancouver Island, British Columbia with his model of an early P38 (P322), I chose it because it is a "clean" bird, no superchargers, no "chins" under the engine cowlings, I just wanted to see a P38 variant fly so it has no retracts or flaps, It is scratch built from my own plans I did not want a "lead sled"so I modified the airfoils, built it as light as I could and it flew beyond expectations, it required no trim changes and just grooves, Specs Wingspan 81", Overall length 57", Weight 11 lbs (wet), Engines 2/46 Magnums, Hitec Focus 4 8 servos. Many extensions and splitters (click on picture to see more)
George Lumpkins (Twinman) displays his "trainer" P-38. 108" wingspan, two gyros, dual St 2500's, on board glow, counter rotating engines, air retracts, Zinger 18x6 props, ASP 108 carbs for more power, and Perry pumps. Nice "trainer" George! ( click on picture to see a larger image )
Carey Hook from Swartz Creek, MI shows us his Yellow P-38. 100" wingspan and dual Zenoah G-38's with battery ignition. 15 servos and wheel brakes are used to keep this twin in line. Gary says "I am the third owner and just recently found this jewel on Ebay. A real treat to fly!" ( click on picture to see a larger image )
Gary Dye from Edinburg Texas with his Robart P-38. Gary's 38 features a 114" wingspan, Robart retracts, two G-62's and weighs 53lbs. A JR radio supplies the link. ( click on picture to see a larger image )
Rich Cronk of Nevada, Iowa, with his Yellow Aircraft P-38. Rich used twin G-38's spinning 20 X 10 Zinger props to power this 32lb, 100" wingspan warbird. Fiberglass construction with a Latex outer finish. A 8103 JR computer radio with 14 servos is preferred by Rich. (click on picture to see more)
Mark Taylor of Ames, Iowa with his Yellow Aircraft P-38 on an unusually warm day in January. Mark used twin 3W24's turning 18 X 10 APC props on this 30lb, 100" wingspan twin. A JR 8103 computer radio with two receivers and 16 servos keep it straight and level. (click on picture for more)

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