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Tony Lewis shows us his 1/6 Curtiss SB2C-4 Helldiver scratch-built from Jerry Bates plans. Features a 100" wingspan, retracts, sliding canopies, perforated flaps, functional perforated dive brakes, and bomb bay. It weighs 35 lbs and is powered by a Zenoah G-62. It's finished with fiberglass and painted with latex paint. (Click on picture to see larger image)

Scott Vickery from Portsmouth, VA with his 1/9th scale Skyshark TBM Avenger. 12lbs, Saito 100 with 14/8 prop and Spring Air retracts with Robart struts. Scott fiberglassed his warbird and painted it with Sherman Williams auto paint and semi gloss urethane clear coat. Futaba pcm radio guides it. Scott says "It takes a bit of runway to get off the ground, lift off is very scale. Once in the air she flies very nice". (Click on picture to see larger image)
Jeff Quesenberry with his new 124 inch TBF Avenger. Weight is 49 pounds. Built from Scale RC plans by Walter Otzell. All built up ply, spruce, pine and aspen, glassed witn .75 oz. glass cloth applied with Minwax poly-crylic and Z-poxy. Painted with exterior house latex. Engine is a 104 cc in-line twin (twin Q-52's) and a 26x10 prop. Retracts are custom made by Century Jet. Has flaps, pilot all panel lines and over 3000 rivets. (click on picture to see more)

Errol Winson from League City, Tx. shows another beauty! TB7 Avenger, scratch built, 124" wingspan, 55lbs, Quadra 200. A great looking fighter bomber Errol! (Click on picture for larger image).

Jim's F4F Wildcat was born from a Glassic Glass kit. This cool looking carrier bird has a 92" wingspan and weighs 32 pounds A Sachs 4.2 ci powers this rarely modeled warbird. Photo by Jim Patrick (click on picture for more)
Doug Imes from Geendale Wisconsin poses with his Grumman Wildcat. Doug uses a G62 on this 92" wingspan, 1/5 scale warbird. Doug Imes plans and retracts. Doug says "Currently has over 100 logged flights." (click on picture to see more)

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