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Randy Teague from Hobbs New Mexico with his Royal Corsair. This rcwarbird features 5.8 sachs engine, futaba electronics, 105 inch wing and weighs 30 lbs. "flies so slow flaps arent needed." (Click on picture to see more.)
Ron Gregorsok from Loveland, shows his OH F4U-1D built from a Conachen kit. It is 1/5 scale and spans 100". Power is from a BME 102 EVO twin and the plane has Robart retracts with Glennis wheels. Both the base color and all of the markings are painted with Behr latex. There are full and accurate panel lines and a detailed full cockpit. All gear doors are functional and pneumatically operated. (Click on picture to see more)
Joe Hahn with his Iron Bay Corsair. 85" span. 34 LBS., D&B 3.7ci twin opposed engine. It's equipped with a pneumatic canopy sliding system, functional Brewster bomb rack, scale exhaust position, Robart retracts(mains), Earl Aune tailwheel. Latex painted. "She's on the fast side (clocked at 124mph the other day), but a real kick to fly." (Click on picture to see more)
Jeff Quesenberry from Owatonna Minn with his very large scratch built Corsair. 152 inch span, 90 pounds, flaps, Husqvarna 240 twin for power, Menz 32-12 prop, Sierra retracts, all built up, glassed with .75 oz. cloth applied with Envirotex, painted with house latex and Krylon.12 servos, dual PCM receivers with dual i4c isolators, Four (4) 6 volt, 1900 mah battery pack driving the servos, and two (2) 4.8 volt, 1400 mah and more! (click on picture see the full construction feature and more pictures)
Lawrence Harville from Hurst Texas shows his Bryon Corsair with future pilot Bailee Harville. G-62 purr power, Automotive Paint and Robart Retracts. (Click on picture to see more)
Lee Rice with his Ziroli Corsair modeled from the aircraft carrier bunker hill group 1945. Wingspan is 91.5", 32lbs, Robart retracts and wheels, 4.8 twin, Airtronics Stylus radio and scale exhaust pipes that are functional. Finished with Z-poxy with .75oz cloth and DBU automotive paint. Tail wheel and rudder are on seperate channels and when the gear are retracted the tail wheel servo turns off. Lee finished 5th in expert at the 2004 Top Gun. (Click on picture to see more)
Stephan Frappier from Boucherville Canada shows hisTop Flight Corsair. This plane weighs 28 pounds and powered by an ST 4500 with 20x10 master airscrew. Robarts gear and J.R. radio. Covered with Dan Parson's cloth and painted with Perfect paint. Stephan says "It flies extremely well. The S.T 4500 is more than enough power. It will fly the airplane scale." (Click on picture to see more)
Dave Fielder of Oxford, Ga. with his Ziroli Corsair. It has a glass fuse with a built up wing. Powered by a Q75 on RC Ignition, 93in wingspan, Robart retracts and weighs 33#. Finish is latex color coats with Minwax acrylic clear. Futaba radio equipment. (Click on picture to see more)
Wayne Moore of Monroe, La. with his Ziroli Corsair. It is all built up balsa and ply construction. Parts are from Precision Kit Cutters. Robart main gear retracts and a scale CJ tailwheel assy. Model is glassed with .75oz cloth and polyester resin, finish is automotive base/clear. Radio is JR, main gear wheels are from Iron Bay. Engine is a ZDZ80cc inline twin swinging a 22x8-14 Zinger.
(Click on picture to see more)
Bill Krummel from Kenner Louisiana with his American Eagle Corsair. 93" wingspan, 38 pounds, retracts, flaps, Sachs 5.2 for power. Graphics by Bill Fulmer's Custom Cut Vinyl Graphics. All panel lines are all recessed as well as the flush rivets and fasteners. Radial engine is from Ziroli. Pilot is Ultimate Soldier figure and the instrument panel is done with an epoxy mold with instruments added in the recesses and a drop of epoxy to simulate the glass lenses.
(Click on picture to see more)
Randy Anderson from Deer Park Texas with his newly restored Byron F4U Corsair. It's an Original powered by a G-62 with Robart retract system, 86" wingspan and weighing 28 #'s. Randy had a replica 3 bladed Hamilton Standard Prop custom made for this beauty and he says, "It is a flying prop but I will not fly it with this prop. To much $". (Click on picture for larger image)
Gary Webb from Dayton Ohio with his Top Flight giant scale gold edition Corsair. 30lbs, 86" wingspan, 52cc gas powered, retracts, flaps, sliding canopy with full cockpit. Paint is automotive base coat/clear coat. Graphics all painted on using both Pro-Mark dry transfers and paint masks. A Futaba radio with 10 servos keeps it flying straight. (Click on picture for larger image)
Harold Mahoney from Albany, GA with his Top Flight kit. 80" wingspan, Zenoah G62, Robart retracts (3) using a JR 8103 radio, eight servo's, with pilot. It has fiberglass painted on with polycrylic and painted with Rustoleum. I have flown it several times and it flies very good. (Click on picture for larger image)
Tom Duncan from Illinois poses with his Ziroli Corsair. Tom's Corsair features a 93" wingspan with flaps, Robart retracts and drop tanks. It is powered by a 4.2 Sachs, and the first flight will take place shortly. It is done up in the Jolley Rogers VF-17 scheme.
(Click on picture for larger image)
Johnny Gajic shows his Gregory "Pappy" Boyington's Corsair. The model is a "Jack Devine Models" 73 inch Corsair. It weighs 15 lbs, and uses Robart landing gear, and a Saito 150 under the cowl. It was painted with Perfect Paint and clear coated with Dupont Flatcoat. The little guy beside it is my 3 1/2 year old son, Jacob. He just loves the plane and cant wait to fly it.
(Click on picture for larger image)
Tomas Sandoval IV & Mike Lunan pose with their GSP Corsairs. Tomas (right) and Mike (left) say these beauties "Fly Awesome!". Both planes feature 75.5" wingspan, 13lbs, OS 1.08, BCM mufflers, Chevron Perfect Paint, Vinyl. Graphics from Mike Bost at Graphics Construction..CJM Rotating retracts...Tru-Turn Hubs ...
(Click on picture for larger image)
Wade Russell with his modified Great Planes 40 corsair with a Magnum 1.08 pulling a 14"x7"x3 blade propeller. The retracts are Century Jet and it's glassed with .75 Sig cloth and Z-poxy. The covering is Behr Outdoor Latex paint that has been airbrushed. The finished aircraft weighs in at 12 lbs. (Click on picture for larger image)
Tony Urbano shows his Ziroli Corsair. Wing span 93", weight 39lb, power by a G-62 on ignition and flown with a JR 10X. Modified Robart main gear, wheels and brakes from Glennis Aircraft, tail wheel by Earl Aune. Tony's Corsair took 5TH place in team scale at Top Gun this year.
(Click on picture for larger image)
Bob Neider of Metairie, La with his new American Eagle F4U built by Lenny Smith. It has a 3W78 twin, 93in wing, glass and foam construction. Robart retracts and wheels, finished with West Systems epoxy and .75oz cloth, PPG base/ satin clear urethane and a Bolly 21x13 three blade prop. Comes in at around 33 pounds. (Click on picture for larger image)
Lenny Smith from Kenner, La with his American Eagle Corsair. It has a 93" wing and is epoxyglass and foam construction. Power is a Zenoah GT80 twin. Robart retracts and aluminum wheels, Tru Turn spinner, dual Rx batteries and switches, and Futaba PCM equipment. Finish is PPG base/satin clear. Graphics are by Bill Fulmer..thanks. (Click on picture for larger image)
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