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Lou Cetrangelo With his scratch built Nick Ziroli plans Bearcat. Wing span: 86", 28 lbs, Brison 4.8 twin, 24 -10 prop, Showtime smoke, Robart retracts. 5 cell SR 1800mah batteries for the radio and servos and 1200 mah for ignition. Construction is balsa, spruce stringers, aircraft light plywood with 1oz fiber glass overlay. Paint is automotive lacquer over primer surfacer.
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Bob Neider from Metairie La with his American Eagle Bearcat. Bob uses a Q 75, Sierra Precission gear and a Futaba radio on this 33 lbs, 86" wingspan cat. Krylon blue and PPG clear coat finish off this great looking fighter.
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Lenny Smith of Kenner, Louisiana shows off his American Eagle Bearcat. It has an 86in wing and comes in at 33lbs. Power is a Q75 on magneto with B&B muffler and smoke system. Finish is West marine epoxy, primer, blue Krylon and PPG clearcoat. Retracts are custom made by Darrell Tenny of Precision Components Inc. Lenny say's "Plane is very fast and stable as a rock."
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Ray Harris shows off one very nice Bearcat. Built from an American Eagle semi kit with epoxy glass lay up. Weight is about 33lbs. Engine is a Brison 5.8 swinging a 26x12 prop. Airtronics radio with all hitec servos,. Retracts on the Bearcat are Century jet.
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Paul LeTourneau from Oconto Wis. is the proud owner of this sharp F8F Bearcat. The Bearcat is a Ziroli design and constructed of balsa and plywood with glass overlay. The bear comes out at 37lbs and has an 86" wingspan. A G-445 turns the prop.
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Regie's F8F Bearcat was born from Ziroli plans with Saxton fuse. This Canadian version weighs 42lbs and is powered with a 5.8 ci. engine. Photo by Jim Patrick (click on picture for more)

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