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Jeff Quesenberry with his new Seafury to replace the one he lost in 2001. It is 111 inch span and weighs 49 pounds. It has a 3W140 with a 30x12 prop and a home made static prop. Flaps and home made retracts with dummy double bogey struts. Spinner from Sierra Giant Scale. 3 flights so far, and flies very nicely (click on picture to see more)
John Devine's Sea Fury is new kit from North West Hobby Technologies and is powered by an Air Hobbies 5.0 twin. This rare bird has operating retracts and flaps and complete cockpits with operating canopy. John sure knows how to build them and this one is a beauty. (click on picture to see more)
Jeff Quesenberry say's "Here is a pic of my 110 inch Seafury next to the full scale at a CAF fly-in. My Seafury was built from enlarged Vaillancort plans. The specs are 110 inch wingspan with flaps and retracts. Power is a 3W120B2 turning a 28X12 Menz prop." He also told me "It flies very nicely. I come in with full flaps." (click on picture to see more)
Bill Kummel from Kenner, La. shows his Hawker Sea Fury. This Fury has a 88" wingspan and weighs 38lbs. A Sachs 4.2 provides plenty of power. Photo by Wendell Maakestad (click on picture to see more)
John's Sea Fury was beautifully built from a Century kit. This powerful warbird features a 90" wingspan and tips the scales at 45lbs. A Sachs 4.2 gives it the needed motivation. Photo by Jim Patrick (click on picture for more)

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