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John Greenfield from Great Britain with his scratch built Horton IX V2. This model features twin AMT Pegasus turbines, 17 foot wingspan, glass cloth covering, retracts with sequencing doors and wheel brakes. John says the model is "interesting to fly". Pictures courtesy of the "Large Model Association".
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Daryl's Hurricane is built from Vaillancourt plans. This great looking plane features a 92" wingspan, weighs 34lbs and uses a G-62 for motivation. Photo by Jim Patrick
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Huey Matherne from Avondale, La. with his American Eagle Hawker Hurricane. It has an 88in. wingspan and weighs 28lbs, glass fuse with foam core wing, Zenoah G-62 swinging a 20x8-14 Zinger prop. Glassed with .75oz cloth and West System epoxy. Graphics by Bill Fulmer and finished with Matrix Paint System base/satin clear. Retracts by Robart , radio equipment is Futaba PCM receiver with Hitec servos.
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Dennis from Toronto Canada with his Hawker Tempest Mk V. This Tempest is all scratch built with balsa and ply from Vito Tomeo plans. CJM retracts, glassed with 3/4 oz cloth and epoxy resin, 80 in wingspan, 17 pounds, MVVS 2.15 gas engine for power.
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Lenny Smith, Kenner, La. with his DCM Typhoon. It is glass and foam core construction with a 97in wingspan. It has a 4.2 Sachs on CH ignition, Robart retracts, and Hitec MG BB servos. 3/ 1650NIMH batteries, 2 on Rx. and 1 on ignition. The 4 cannons are from Yellow Aircraft for their Spitfire, made slide in ports in the wing from phoenolic tube. Paint is Matrix System urethane base/ satin clear, graphics by Bill Fulmer. "Very easy flier with generous wing and wide flight envelope" . (Click on picture to see larger image)
Jim Bonanno from Des Moines Iowa shows his Hawker Typhoon built from a MK 1DCM Models Kit. This warbird features 92" Wingspan, 34 Ibs, Fiberglass fuse, Sachs 4.2 engine, Lite-Flight Retracts, Flaps, Prefect Paint finish and Decals by Kirby's Kustom Vinyl Graphics.
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Tommy Olsen of Bredsten,Denmark with his Valliy Hurricane powered by a 70cc 3W engine and has a custom made scale exhaust.
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