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Jim Suchy of Brecksville, Ohio with his 2 seater German Hannover CL2 ground-attack reconnaissance aircraft. Built from scratch using enlarged Windsock Datafile drawings.  It is ¼ scale and has a wingspan of 115 inches.  The weight is 31 lbs. and it is powered with an old Kioritz 2.4 cu. in. engine, which supplies it with plenty of power. Covering is Sig Koverall, sealed with Minwax Polycrylic, and colors are Behr exterior latex. The lozenge camo was painted on using stencils and an airbrush.  (Click on picture to see more)
Armand Francoeur with his BalsaUSA SPAD. The model is driven by a 40 cc Pouland converted engine with EI.  Painted with Benjamin Moore Latex and controlled by a Spektrum DX 7
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Rupert Cundrič, from Bled, Slovenia and his Nieuport N17 in 1/7 scale. It is also scratch build by my own plans. Airfoil is also very close to original only little thicker.All linkage to tail like original- pull-pull with micro servos (HiTEC 85 MG) ailerons with central servo (Graupner C577) and pushrods It is covered with Oratex foil and painted with spray can. Wingspan 1200mm, lenght 900mm, weight 1800g, powered electric- AXi 2814/10 , esc Jeti 40 opto, 2S LiPo 5000mAh; it swings wooden prop 11x5. (Click on picture to see more)

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