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Dr Kenneth Lawson from Tasmania Australia with his scratch built AD-5 Skyraider. This warbird features a 10 foot wingspan at 54lbs. A 215cc Mackay 5 cylinder radial powers this plane with ease at 3000 rpm. Dr. Lawson says it will do it all at 60% power. Two 1700 battery packs and two Jr PCM receivers keep it straight and another 1700 pack powers the ignition. (Click on picture to see larger image)
Ruben Ramos from Edinburg Texas with his Ziroli Skyraider. This raider weighs 25lbs and features bomb drop and belly tanks and a G-62 for power. Ramos uses Robart gear and and JR radio.
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Bob Stiff from St.Paul Minn. and his great looking AD-1 Skyraider. Bob built this warbird from a Nosen kit and used all wood construction with a fiberglass overlay. This Skyraider weighs 45lbs and has a 120" wingspan. A Sachs 5 cu inch engine pulls it nicely as Bob puts her through her paces.
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David Chew from Spiceland Ind. shows us his nicely done Sky Raider. David used Ziroli plans and all wood construction. He finished with Z-poxy, glass for a great finish. The Sky Raider weighs 32 lbs and has a 100" wingspan. A G-62 in the nose provides the power with Robart gear handling the ground stuff. (Click on picture to see more)
Wayne Curtis from Newburgh, NY behind his Ziroli Sky Raider. It has 101" WS and weighs in at 35lbs. It also features a sliding canopy and a Quadra 75 pulls her along with power to spare. The Sky Raider sets down on a set of Robart retracts.
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