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Mike Selby from Bangkok, Thailand with his highly modified F7F2D Tigercat from a 3W shell with new tail section and central fuse to accommodate the drone operator cockpit and custom canopy. The wings are a home made layup and the engines are 3W48's with a home made ringed four port exhaust system. Weight is 48 pounds. Wingspan is 118 inches. Gear is heavily modified robart. (Click on picture to see more)
Paul LeTourneau from Oconto Wis.and his F7F Tigercat. Paul scratch built this twin out of balsa and then glassed it and painted it with acrylic lacquer.. It weighs 52lbs with a 124" wingspan and runs fine with two G-62's up front. Paul flies this large warbird like a pro and always puts on a great show wherever he goes. (Click on picture to see more)
Joe Wilkins from Indianapolis with his beautiful F7F Tigercat. A wingspan of 116" and a total weight of 48lbs get airborne with the help of two Sachs 4.2 engines. Joe said this was a long project. (Click on picture to see more)
Geronimo Vidales & Alexander Vidales of Phoenix Arizona with an F7F -2D Tigercat Drone, 87'in. Wingspan, Powered by Two  Supertigre 3000 / OS 7H Carburetors,with ,Mc Daniel's Glow Driver, the Kit ,Foam core wings sheeted and fiberglass covered, Built -up rear fuselage , and tail , Fiberglass forward Fuse, and fiberglass Cowling / Nacelles,  Robart Retracts and JR 10-X Radio (Click on picture to see more)

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