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Hubert Sacriste « papa schultz » from Bordeaux France shows his Henschel 129 B2 from Don Smith plans. Scale 1/6, wingspan 2,34m, weight 9,5 kg, engines 2 Laser 80, Century jet retacts and Futaba FF8 radio. (click on picture to see more)
Dean Fisk from Australia with his Arado AR-240 German bomber. Dean's Arado features custom built fiberglass fuselage & nacelles, 10 servos, rcv-120 engines with 3 blade Bolley props, ducted spinners for cooling. Robart retracts, detailed pilot, plug in wings, flaps. Flys great, 35 pounds. (Click on picture to see more)
Ty Brown with his Ju-88. A 4 year on and off project, just under 1/6 scale, built from scratch, no formal plans. It is all built up balsa and ply except for the nacelles were foam sanded to shape and the added several coats of glass. Powered by two G-38's, 126" wing span, 45lbs, Robart 150 rotating retracts, 8 gear doors. The plane was painted with all latex paints. The white and engine weathering is Model Masters Acryl. (Click on picture to see more)
Roy Maynard Shows his Junkers Ju 52 built from a fiberclassics kit. Wingspan is 128 inches, weighs 28 to 30 lbs. Powered by a laser 80 in the center and laser 70's on the outboards. Painted with ppg delstar mixed to match luftwaffe color chips. Weathering job and flat coat by master modeler Joe Grice. Won first place at Toledo 2003 in military sport scale. (Click on picture to see more.)
Ty Brown poses by his scratch built Savoia Marchetti S.79 bomber. Ty says his unique bomber is between 1/7-1/8 scale and features 110" wingspan, 2 Magnum 62's 4strokes 1 OS 91 4 stroke, Cjm retracts, 21-22lbs dry. Graupner 3 blade props producing 19lbs thrust.. (click on picture to see more)
Carl Bachhuber's Heinkle He 111 has some young warbird lovers giving it the once over. Carl says this bomber has 150" wingspan. Click on picture to go to a full feature of Carl and his magnificent bombers. (Click on picture for larger image).

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