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Mark Taylor with his P-61 "Black Widow" fighter bomber. Mark says; "Built by Dave Smith from Ziroli plans. Mechanicals and airworthiness by my friend Chris. 45 lbs 113" WS. G-62's swinging 3-blade Mejlick 20X10's at 7,300 rpm are way too much power, but a lot of fun. JR 8103, 9ch PCM receiver, 14 servos, Robart gear. A real sweetheart to fly! Way easier than a P-38! Flares like a sport plane and ignores crosswind." (Click on picture to see more)
Jan Hermkens (the flying Dutchman) from the Netherlands with his P-61.
Scratch build from own plan, scale 1:6.6. (3000 hours) Span: 122". Weight: only 41 Lbs. Engines: 2x Laser 2.40V-twin four stroke, with 18x11 carbon props at 8000 RPM. Retracts: electric and own construction. With this model 2x European Star Cup Scale Champion
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Paul Tirone Davie, Fl. with his Ziroli P-61 Black Widow fighter/bomber built by Greg Hahn. Placed second at Top Gun 2001 in Expert, won Best Cockpit Award.114"ws, 46lbs, 2 G-38's, Moki 20x10 props, Fowler flaps, spoilers in wing that work in conjunction with the ailerons, Glennis wheels and brakes, bomb drop, full operating gear doors, 21 servos, 2 Futaba FP-R129DP RX's with 2 1400 6 volt batteries and switches, scale 4 blade display props and wheel chocks. "It Takes -Off, Flys and Lands as well as it looks!" (click on picture to see more)

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