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Lionel Weeks from Australia poses with his B-29. The B-29 was built from plans scaled off a three view drawing. The model is traditionally built from balsa and ply, has fully working fowler flaps incorporating over 50 ball joints. Retracts are electric screw drive. Motors are OS 91 FS. Electronics are 2 receivers ,2 powerboxes and 5 batteries. Span is172”. Weight is 54lbs. (click on picture to see more)
Francesco Mele from Italy shows his scratch built B29 made of balsa , foam and hardwood. Wingspan is 106 inches , all up weight 12 pounds. The model is powered by four speed 600 turbo neodym wired in series, spinning a slim prop 9x5 each, 28 1600 Ni-Cd cells represent the fuel. Ground power consumption is in the region of 25 Amp. (Click on picture to see more)
Dwayne Fosseen from Radcliff Iowa shows his Don Smith B-29. Dwayne uses four Saito 91's in this 40lb, 12 foot wingspan bomber. Century Jet retracts and bomb drop round out this great package. (Click on picture to see more)
Ken Krutsch and his Boeing B-50. Ken says this early Japanese kit "Was never completed as a control line aircraft, finally I completely reworked the ship into RC. The first flight was made around 1986 at Edwards Air Force Base by none other than Mike Yeager (the General's son), who was an accomplished RC builder and flyer. There are about 25 flights on the ship now". The wing span is 86 inches, length 60 in. Power is 4 OS 20's turning 9x4 props. Weight around 12 lbs. (click on picture to see more)
Paul Conrad's B-29 with X-1 get ready for another flight. Paul's B-29 is scratch built from foam and glass and painted with Imron. This bomber weighs 29lbs with a 144" wingspan and flies with four K&B 61's. The X-1 uses an Aerotech G-25 for propulsion. (Click on picture to see more.)
Don Albright's B-29 is an increadible warbird. 20 foot wingspan and 96 1/2 lbs give this bird some presence. Don uses four Quadra 100's to spin scale four blade props with plenty of authority. Home made retracts and two bombbay doors finish up the details. Don is from Logansport Indiana. Click on picture to see more.
Mac Hodges B-29 is a show veteran. You may have seen this giant at the larger fly-in's dropping the X-1 rocket plane. After that cool act Mac then puts this baby through it's paces with inverted passes, rolling circles, point rolls, and more! This big mama comes in at 94lbs with four Q42's. A 16 foot wing gives Mac shade on a hot day and JR with 17 servos keeps it smooth. Larry Horbaz built this beauty in 1983. (Click on picture for larger image).
B.B. Weber, top man at Bomber Field, poses by his very scale B-29. Mr. Weber's B-29 has a 14 and 1/2 foot wingspan coming in at 45lbs. with four OS 120 4 strokes. B.B. scratch built this great looking bomber. (Click on picture for larger image).

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