Jack Uhl's Big B-25 Project

Jack Uhl from Minnisota has finished his very large B-25. Jack used enlarged Ziroli plans to form this wood and foam warbird. Two Husky 7.3 engines power this 165 lb, 202" wingspan bomber. Jack's friend and aircraft finisher, Dave is shown by the bomber.

A quick stop at the Quick Zip on the way to the flying field !


Dave poses by Jack Uhl's incredible B-25 . Weight is 165lbs. Wingspan is 202".


No car here, this driveway is owned by this super B-25.


Field assembly requires patience and plenty of friends. Our Big Bird advisor, Jeff Quesenberry, (standing by the near fin) is test pilot.


Stills from a video clip of this large R/C B-25 flying. To download a video of this flight click here.

Video provided by Ray Lins, thanks Ray!

Stills from a video clip of this large R/C B-25 unfortunately crashing. To download a mpeg video of this last flight click here. To download a high resolution video of just the crash click here.

Video provided by Ray Lins. A big thanks to Craig for the web space and link for these clips.


B25 Project

by Jack Uhl

The concept for the 1/4 B-25 goes back to 1992 while at the Claremont Aerodrome located east of Owatonna Minnesota. Host Gene Halloway recently completed a per plans Ziroli B-25 with some remarkable detail and realism. The sight of the wide open expanse of Genes field prompted the question to son Dave Halloway " If I built a plane double the size of this one can I fly it here?" the response was positive and four years after that I started cutting wood. Floor underlayment is a very durable as well as economical product for such a behemoth.

The fuse is simply a box with foam blocks glued to the sides with yellow Elmers, and shaped to plan specification. Retracts are of the custom variety, myself being the customizer. The concept for the gear being proven earlier with a 136" span A-26 featured elsewhere in the RC warbirds site. Engines are also home brew with one of them an Ebay purchase in the form of a Husqvarna 3120 demolition saw and cut up and converted myself along with the gear. The two 7.3 husky engines will have 30-10 props and 50 oz tanks and separate throttle servos.

Finish is merely the foam surface primed with leftover latex house paint, some very heavy cloth, and Minwax water based floor finish applied generously as a resin. This saves a lot of balsa sheeting as well as time. Total material cost of the airframe has yet to exceed $100. This also being part of the concept of the plane, BIG and not too expensive. No flaps on this plane, decided early on the complexities and muscle needed to operate were not justified, and at a projected weight of 100 pounds just not needed, again easy to build and inexpensive were factors driving some of this. Can always make another one with all the fun stuff if this one proves a winner. A big Lancaster has been discussed as a follow up to this big foamie if successful.

(Thanks to Ray for sending these great photos and Craig for the web space and link)


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