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Merlyn Graves Bristol Blenheim Bomber. Designed and built by Merlyn. Wingspan: 170”, length: 133”, 95lbs.,wing loading: 53 oz./sq.ft. Desert Aircraft 100 cc’s engines. Custom retracts by Robart, Yellow Aircraft bomb releases, JR10X radio. (Click on picture to see more)
Carl Bachhuber has helpers hold on to his magnificent Consolidated B-32 Dominator. 182" wingspan, powered by 4 G-23's, 78 lbs., homemade retracts, Fowler flaps, bomb drop. Balsa and ply construction covered with .6oz glass cloth and epoxy. A burnished polyester mylar tape is used to simulate aluminum skin. Carl's own plans. Flying since 1999. (click on picture to see more)

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