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Ty Brown shows us his Vickers Wellington. "It is scratch built. It has 132" wing span and weighs 32lbs. It has 2 G-26 for power and flies great at about half throttle. It has Robart retracts functioning bombay. I also designed it so the horizontal is on carbon fiber spar so I can remove it to make transport the plane easier. I have been flying it for 1 year. I did find out something. A G-26 will pull 32lbs from a touch and go and make a complete curcuit and then land. I did this with this airplane!!! I have witnesses!" (click on picture to see more)
Chris Spierings of Oregon Wisconsin brought his B Mark III Wellington also scratch built from Frank Baker plans. Homemade retracts and two Magnum 52's round out this 14lb. beauty.
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Craig Lovell of Madison Wisconsin flew this fine Mark 8 Wellington in Coastal Command colors. This twin bomber was scratch built from Frank Baker plans and came in at 14lbs with a 103" wingspan. Two Magnum 52's flew her fine.
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