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Todd Davis from Cedar Rapids Iowa with his CMP Mosquito. 1/9 scale with a 73" wingspan weighing 12 lbs. Two OS 46AX engines and KMP retracts. (Click on picture to see more)
Jeff Bobo from Toulouse France shows his DH98 Mosquito PRXVI from Brian Taylor plans. Scale 1/8, wingspan 2.07 m (81.5"), weight : 8.3 kg, engines : 2 Saito FA 100 (plenty of power!), Unitract retracts and Futaba FF9 radio. (click on picture to see more)
Charlie Evans from Leesburg Georgia displays his highly modified American Eagle De Havilland Hornet. 40lbs, 108" wing, 84" fiberglass fuselage, 3/4 oz. glass covered foam wings/tail feathers. Painted with Krylon paints. Robart retracts and wheels. ZDZ 60's gas engines with Dave Brown custom made spinners and Zinger custom made 20/8 4 blade props (only props flown with so far). Futaba PCM, gyro on rudder. (click on picture for more)
Jeff Quensenberry's new 124 inch Holman Mosquito. Built by Dave Agee of Ohio and Duane Hoff of Indiana. 124 inch span, 102 in length, fiberglass body, built up tail and wing, glassed and painted with auto acrylic, home made gear, twin G-62's turning 22x10 pro zingers, flaps and weighing in at 53 pounds fueled. Jeff say's "This is my long awaited dream twin....She is a dream to fly". (Click on picture to see more.)
Lars Baeter from Berlin Germany with his electric De Havilland Mosquito built from Brian Taylor plans. This balsa and ply beauty weighs 15lbs with an 81" span and features custom molded cowlings, spinners and gear doors, aluminium retractable gear made by a toolmaker and two 2,33:1 geared (brushed) german Plettenbergs 290/20/8 motors swinging 13x8 APC props at 7300 Rpm. For more info go to Lar's web site here. (click on picture to see more)
Bill Krummel from Kenner Louisiana with his Mosquito bomber. Bill says the Mossie has fiberglass nacelles and fuselage with built up wings. It weighs 40lbs with two older G-23's swinging 15x8 APC props and has a "96 wingspan. Bill uses a gyro on the rudder to help with an engine flame out and says the plane files great but requires a gentle touch at slow speeds. (Click on picture to see more.)
Errol Winson of League City, Texas with his beautiful D.H. Mosquito. This twin uses two Quadra 75's to swing three blade props. It is 55lbs with a 124" wingspan. Dam busting anyone? (Click on picture for larger image).

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